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Andrew Thomas is the owner and operator of Pure Photography based in Kingston, Jamaica. He specializes in engagement & destination wedding photography.


His experience spans a period of close to a decade serving both local and destination wedding clientele. He has been a Couples' Choice Awardee from wedding wire international since 2020.


From a young age, Andrew found solace and inspiration in the art of photography. Every click of the shutter seemed to freeze time, preserving emotions, stories, and the essence of a fleeting moment. With each photograph, he discovered a way to connect with the world on a deeper level.

What truly fascinates Andrew about photography is its ability to tell stories without words. Through the lens, he aim to capture not only what is visible, but also the emotions, connections, and stories that lie beneath the surface. Whether it's the laughter shared between couples, the joy of families coming together, or the excitement of new beginnings, Andrew find immense fulfillment in turning these moments into lasting memories.

While his work speaks for itself,  Andrew, however, has always been that photographer who differentiates himself from others by providing exceptional customer service, displaying great knowledge of posing & lighting. Knowing just how best to put both bride and groom at ease for exceptional results and blends seamlessly with any group of people (Wedding Guests). 

Andrew's personality is one that is attractive to people. He is focused and knows just how to get the best results from any situation. His recommendations are good and he is always open to your suggestions.

Another strength of Andrew is that he genuinely cares about the service he provides to his clients i.e. he cares very much for his clients. It matters not if he awards a discount; there is no disparity in the quality or quantity of images supplied. 

Your booking with Pure Photography will be one to remember. 

Andrew welcomes you.

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